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Why wait for a crisis before taking responsibility for your health?  Revitalize the body!  Eliminate the cause!  Live disease-free at any age!



I Walk My Clients Through To Improve Digestion, Hormones, And Metabolism, While Creating Excellent Health & Energy!





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Breath of Life Detox
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Breath of Life Detox
$20.00 USD


    Excellent health might appear to be out of reach, but what’s actually holding you back from life's inheritance?  The Breath of Life Detox (BOLD) is a useful comprehensive, healthcare system that removes inflammation, mucus, and metabolic waste from the body to help resolve pain, PMS and menopausal symptoms, along with weight resistancy.  BOLD is a powerful holistic system and is much needed for breaking down, expelling, and purging toxins for better health and healing.  

     Through a complete natural body purification, The Breath of Life Detox helps with preventing many nutritional maladies, by cultivating bodily systems to function at peak performance. It helps with bringing balance and harmony to keep the body well.  A host of health benefits can be obtained from The Breath of Life Detox therapy.

  • Alleviate pain 
  • Alter cravings
  • Enhance energy
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Get permanent pain relief
  • Halt PMS & menopausal syndrome
  • Lose weight rapidly
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Restore digestive power
  • Sleep better

    Williams summarizes the debilitating health effects of exposure to environmental toxins and implements an effective detoxification regimen to neutralize the toxins accumulated over the years.  Her objective is to stimulate the body's detoxification organs to fight dis-ease, while protecting new cells and tissues growth.  Detoxification is an intricate part of health, life, and wellness.  

   Resilient to keeping the body healthy and strong, life is dependant upon The Breath of Life Detox - BOLD.   Get the results you deserve now to start feeling and living better!

"The doctors of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the cause and prevention of dis-ease."  Thomas Jefferson


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30-Day Detox


     Feel better in 3 days, and transformed your health in only 30 from the roadmap to immense results!  

     Detox seems to be the buzz word today because everyone is using it, but not everyone means the same thing when they say detox. The 30-Day Detox Regeneration restores robustness for  life-enhancing benefits.

  • attune spiritually,
  • alter addiction and cravings,
  • balance hormones,
  • boost energy,
  • heal aches & pain, 
  • gain mental clarity,
  • improve digestion,
  • recalibrate immunity,
  • reverse deficiencies, and,
  • slow down aging.

   An exclusive, holistic detox practice, The 30-Day-Regeneration, forges a clear sense of direction for wellness, along with the expansion of life.  Igniting the body's functionality at full capacity, this system will definitely fortify your whole health -  mentally, physically, and spiritually.  It will transform your life by making you feel better, energetic, illuminated, and stronger. 

      If you’re sick and tired of being sick-&-tired from aches & pain, indigestion, nausea,  low-to-no energy, overweight/obesity, and the list goes on, then let the process begin by removing toxic-buildup from metabolic-waste and replenishes optimum nutrients to excelerate benefits. 


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    Does weight gain rattle your brain?  Are you feeling stuck?  Well that sucks.  So let's get you unstuck forever and for always.  Get rapid weight loss results from the tools so you want lose!

  • develop healthier habits
  • keep appetite,  fat burning  and insulin under control.
  • maintain homeostasis 
  •  prevent new fats from forming 
  • purge fluid buildup
  • reestablishes fat ratio
  • restore the body's ability to eliminate stored fat and toxins from clogged areas and overworked organs  

   The quick-fix, yo-yo diets, counting calories, deprivation and starvation which don't produce lasting results cause great disappointment.  Have you ended up at a road block where you started, stressed, unhappy and overweight again?  The right approach to weight loss corrects the most prevalent and underline causes of a sluggish metabolism. 

   These unseen causes have little to do with genes; instead, reflect hidden weight gain factors.  An overworked liver, too much insulin - the stress factor, birth control pills, HRT, lack of fat-burning fats, and medications raise weight. 


Women WELLNESS    

    Create a new you! The bloating, menstrual cramps, headaches, heavy cycles, fibroids, hot flashes, memory loss, missing work,  going to the doctor 2 to 3 times in a year, and searching for remedies got the best of you.  Taking drugs is not an option, since they only mask the symptoms, and cause a plethora of other problems.  Removing the uterus isn't an option because it's needed for regulating hormones, bowel and bladder function, plus sexual satisfaction.  The solution centers around boosting the body to unblock energy channels and feed it unadultehated nutrients.  Free the body from aches, pain and disruptions.  

Plan A



Plan B



Plan C




What's included? 

  • 90-Day Total Health  Transformation 
  • Energy Therapy
  • Holistic Nutrition Formula
  • Personal Maintenance Plan
  • Wellness Protocol

What's included?

  • Revitalization Regimen
  • Colon, Kidneys, Liver Restoration
  • Money Saving Mechanism
  • Wellness Mastery System

What's included?

  • Assessment
  • Building Block
  • RDA Nutrients
  • Functional  Medicine
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Tailored Meals

"The spirit is nourished by divine and holy thoughts; the soul is nourished by divine and holy diet. They are inseparable."  Ben Ammi – Everlasting Life

Holistic Health & Nutrition For Generations


I believe it's everyone's desire to be healthy.  Though, what's stopping you? Choose the plan that speaks to your health challenge.  Start feeling better with more energy, by conquering disorders in the least amount of time.


    If you have any one of these symptoms - acid backing up in the chest, bloating, chronic pain, cramps, depression, heavy cycles, hot flashes, memory loss, sweating, and weight up and down, then you're not alone. 

    Such symptoms lingering can create other issues!  Time has come to say good-bye to them now.  Transition to a more effective insurance - that is holistic health & nutrition!  Utilize the tools so you won't lose, and don't be afraid to feel better, accomplished, and young again in your own body in this lifetime.

  • Conquer health disorder.
  • End deficiencies, fatigue, food sensitivity, and indigestion.
  • Get permanent pain relief.
  • Improve memory.
  • Reduce mucous build-up.
  • Sleep better.
  • Speed up metabolism.
  • Slow down aging.

   What is holistic health and nutrition?  It means simply using Mother Natures' protocol and technique that compliments the body; inclusively, consuming the highest form of nutrients to assist the body with staying healthy.   It's medicine which comes in various forms that keeps the body from breaking down; thereby, protecting it from premature sickness.  Creating a space to incorporate these mechanisms in daily living keep you out of harm's way. 

  Embrace and enjoy the benefits of living in a healthy body to do the things you love to do without ailments and restrictions!   

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    Your health is my main concern, and I'm so excited to share the best natural remedies for perfect health, healing, and prevention of dis-ease.  Doing the right thing at the right time is more imperative today than ever in history.  Since living an incredible, holistic lifestyle without sickness and dis-ease for 3 decades, I'm extending this an innovative approach and platform to challenge sickness. 

    Applying God science; thus, charting scientific research transcends new age medicine. Embellished with holistic modalities to recalibrate energy, these modules are presented to heal and prevent aches and pain, overweight/obesity, PMS, menopause, and premature aging.

    From inception to reality, this epic mission propels me to build a world of healthy people through weaving a tapestry of natural health.  Emerged from a personified consciousness, this lifestyle honors the body including nature herself.  Enjoy a better quality of life by embracing undisputed natural healthcare remedies as the way of life.   So why not prevent the body from getting sick while in a good place "ALIVE!"

Vanessa C. Williams

(a/k/a Kerah)


Here's what others have to say about their health journey following 5 simple steps.

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Let me take the opportunity to thank you.  Partaking in the vegan cuisines, were most enjoyable!  I have been a smoker and drinker for a long time, and the absence of those vices along with your vegan meals did my body wonderful.  I could honestly feel a difference in many areas over the course of a week. Thanks again, and I look forward to your services in my quest for "Redemptive Health.”
— Keith T
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“My expectation was to deal with the mindset.  I'm resetting my body now by changing my thinking.  My energy level has improved.  I'm not tired, and I'm waking up earlier and going to work before time.”
— Vanessa P

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When I came here, I wasn’t convinced that I could be helped.  I decided to go for it anyways, since you were so committed to what you were doing.  I needed to lose weight after living with severe osteoporosis, fatty liver and high cholesterol for ten years.  One month later, I was taken off the drug Crestor, my osteoporosis was downgraded to osteopenia, and liver count was relatively normal.  My dress size went from a 14 to an 8.  Being the great role model that you are, I’m convinced that I’m on the right path.” 
— Julie F

Create A Healthier NEW You Through 
5 Secret Steps